providing reliable data

for the water industry

providing reliable data

for the water industry

Accurate, reliable, safer and quicker

Combining state-of-the-art small unmanned aerial systems (SUAS) technology and innovative processing techniques, accurate and reliable data can be delivered safer and quicker than traditional surveying techniques.

Broad range of applications

Aerial-Data uses SUAS to capture and process data for use within the Water Industry. The data captured can be used for a range of applications including conducting asset condition assessments, confined space surveying, 2D orthomosaics for optioneering, 3D point cloud production for design, and progress reporting during construction.

Accessible and collaborative

Capturing and processing data is only part of the solution, it is also important to be able to access and use the data without restriction. As well as being able to provide data in a large range of formats, we also provide access to a cloud based interactive client data management portal, promoting project collaboration and enabling better decision making at every stage of the project and asset lifecycle.

Speaking the same language

At Aerial-Data we make it a priority that our team have a background in engineering and the Water Industry, allowing for a clearer dialogue and understanding of the project requirements.